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Why share good things?

Our theory of sharing community impact is that good sparks more good. We each experience physical changes inside our mind and body when we see or read about collective kindness. Our brains become flooded with serotonin and endorphins that are good for us. People want to keep the experience and momentum of empathy going, and find joy in bringing the best out in people. 

What is the story behind Taking Monday?

Coming soon.

But, can sharing things seem boastful?
:: "sigh" :: we know the feeling. But this is a platform for those of us who are a work-in-progress, so let's give each other the benefit of the doubt. And we are grateful for the person who helps others and never seeks credit. That is why we advocate for a balanced approach so we can take advantage of the good effects that sharing creates, without undermining the practice. Furthermore, we built this platform with humility in mind. For example: 

  1. Users can stay anonymous and share Mondays in case that fits their beliefs better, want to avoid publicity, or believe its better for the cause;

  2. There are a list of prescribed Mondays that users can select from, which are soft-spoken & simple;

  3. We included a feature which allows posting about the 3rd person to ensure posts are not always about the individual making the post, but about others;

  4. We have a Code of Humility in the drafts that will show how to avoid the "do-gooder" & "influencer in the wild" dilemma and ensure posts are consenting and sincere; and,

  5. Taking Monday team members are encouraged to be active posters on the platform to foster a meaningful and uplifting environment.

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