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Why share good things?

Our theory of sharing community impact is that good sparks more good. We each experience physical changes inside our mind and body when we see or read about collective kindness. Our brains become flooded with serotonin and endorphins that are good for us. People want to keep the experience and momentum of empathy going, and find joy in bringing the best out in people. 

What is the story behind Taking Monday?

Coming soon.

What is the employment goal?

Focusing on the Baltimore-DC area, Taking Monday will ensure the majority (+51%) of our team members are from marginalized and vulnerable communities by direct referrals from our nonprofit partners; starting with nonprofits that fight recidivism. We will pay each teammate far above a living wage, encourage short-notice mental health days, allow flexible telework hours, provide "leave no one behind" training to learn new skills that are transferable between careers, and do everything we can to create a caring and world-changing culture.

Why hire from marginalized communities?

Our team provides a platform for others to share their social impacts. As an organization, we believe it is important to have a social impact of our own. As it so happens, many of us have a personal attachments to the struggles of formerly incarcerated individuals including immediate family members. One of the most difficult challenges was access to well-paying jobs that had caring cultures. The days, weeks, or months it takes returning citizens to find support leads to higher recidivism rates. For individuals in higher-risk neighborhoods, many struggle to keep employment because of combative bosses (dealing with challenges of their own), conflict with childcare, lack of telework options, and inadequate transportation. Taking Monday is trying to change this with a new work-life paradigm which puts team members first, creates an "everyone learns differently" training pipeline, and fosters an environment of trust and discovery.

Is everyone you hire qualified? Could data be at risk?

Nope, and no. Not everyone is qualified right away, and data is protected using best practices. Many individuals will be overly qualified, and others may not be completely qualified. Don't worry. We ensure everyone has the time they need to learn their responsibilities, shadow experts, and become qualified before their taking on efforts by themselves. And data is managed with best data and software practices such as data technology & policy that implements access controls, auditing, and encryption. 

How do nonprofits partner with Taking Monday?

Taking Monday is a growing organization, and focused on working with nonprofits serving the Baltimore-Washington metro area. We hope to expand all across the country one day, but we're just not there yet. We work very closely with nonprofits to ensure an effective referral process for candidates that is sustainable for the nonprofit and Taking Monday. You can reach out to us by using the Contact Us feature in the footer of this webpage, or send us a message on any of our social media pages. 

But, can sharing things seem boastful?
:: "sigh" :: we know the feeling. But this is a platform for those of us who are a work-in-progress, so let's give each other the benefit of the doubt. And we are grateful for the person who helps others and never seeks credit. That is why we advocate for a balanced approach so we can take advantage of the good effects that sharing creates, without undermining the practice. Furthermore, we built this platform with humility in mind. For example: 

  1. Users can stay anonymous and share Mondays in case that fits their beliefs better, want to avoid publicity, or believe its better for the cause;

  2. There are a list of prescribed Mondays that users can select from, which are soft-spoken & simple;

  3. We included a feature which allows posting about the 3rd person to ensure posts are not always about the individual making the post, but about others;

  4. We have a Code of Humility in the drafts that will show how to avoid the "do-gooder" & "influencer in the wild" dilemma and ensure posts are consenting and sincere; and,

  5. Taking Monday team members are encouraged to be active posters on the platform to foster a meaningful and uplifting environment.

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