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- A posting feature that does not mandate the use of Locations. Capability to allow users to Post a Monday without having their Monday appear on the map.


- When a user types in address into an iPhone or iPad browser, add an OPEN APP or DOWNLOAD APP prompt to the top of the iPhone/iPad webpage that directs the individual to the Apple Store Taking Monday app.


- Create a fully connected and compatible Android application, and web browser application for desktop and smart phone users.


- User registration enhancements: (a) Require a phone number and verification to register (b) Create a unique identifier such as a username that is unique for each user (c) Separate first name from last name (d) Require email verification before an individual can fully create and access a personal account and become a registered user (e) allow logging in using other social media and email APIs (in addition to the "Sign up with Apple" feature).


- Add commenting capability to posts ("Mondays") from users that you follow. 


- When a user posts a Monday, increase the storage size for images and videos, and publicize the file sizes allowed on the platform. 


​- Have different color icons & links so when a user clicks on an icon, it changes colors. This allows the user to identify that they clicked on an icon successfully.


- In the Profile > Edit page, the SAVE button functionality could be replaced by the DONE button.


​- Ability for user's to edit their Mondays.


- Have an in-app tutorial with pop-ups for new users which describes the features on the app.


- Combine and upgrade the Search function on the platform to include user, hashtag and content search.


- Create a "Find Friends" feature for authenticated users allowing them to log into social media and email APIs, and find users they are connected with on those platforms who are also on Taking Monday for that user to follow.


- Enable a Light Speed Connect option for different schools. Consider automating this function if a user signs up with a particular @emailaddress; i.e. all users with an @emailaddress will be auto-connected, or presented with a Light Speed Connect option. Also add a message explaining this feature more: "Clicking the buttons below will tag your profile to a university and auto-connect you with other university students and alumni. Each user can only use this feature twice."


- Allows user the option to follow hashtags.


- When a user receives a phone-notification from the Taking Monday app, and references an action was taken on a particular Monday they posted previously, and the user opens up the phone-notification, it does not take the user to that particular Monday; it just opens up the App like regular.


- On the Notifications page, when a user clicks a Monday and are taken to that Monday on the Map, add a "return to Notifications" capability directly on the Map view somehow. Maybe this will be fixed when additional features (Notifications & Profile) are added to the footer/bottom area.


- Incorporate posts in user profile pages that users were tagged in. Enable un-tagging capabilities. 


- Explore the cluster point data feature.

- Diversify the "Say Good Job" button/feature to include "Support" and potentially other options.


- When a user clicks "Say Good Job", the app has to take a round trip to the server to actually "say good job". Instead, implement a user-interface "spoof" that shows the button updating instantly, while on the back-end it talks to the server to complete the action.


- On the "Your Mondays" page, when an Anonymous user clicks the distance (miles away) feature that should take the Anonymous user to the Map page with that particular Monday; just like what clicking on the distance (miles away) feature on the Newsfeed. All features should be enabled on this page including tags, who said good job, say good job, photos, etc.


- A notification when someone posts a Monday within a certain distance of a Monday that you posted. 


- Add a direct messaging capability in case people want to connect and chat through the platform. Or a "poke" -like button, that instead wishes the person a good day, or something kind. **


- In the current "Find Users" feature, include the ability to search by last name. Or, have it so the search can pick up letters in the name no matter their position in the name; i.e. if a name was "Theodore", and the user typed "odo" the name would still pop up as selectable as long as the characters match. **


- Use the bottom area / footer section for more user features such as Profile, and Notifications (in addition to Map & Newsfeed). 


- Have a capability to reset the Profile > Map view after you zoom in on a particular Monday. For example, clicking on the "Maps" button could reset that.


- When a user tries registering for an account with an email address that is already in use, the error message should notify the user that the email address they are trying to register with already has an account tied to it.


​- Better messaging to help users navigate the "change password" feature. ** NEED TO VERIFY THAT THE MESSAGING NEEDS IMPROVEMENT **


- Allow users the ability to remove notification types.


- For Anonymous users, the "Your Mondays" page is designed to track posts by device or app instance, and show all the posts made from that device or app instance. It allows Anonymous users a way to see their previous posts, see Good Jobs, and, if they want, delete their previous posts. But, if an Anonymous User decides to log into an account, and then decides to log out of an account, the "Your Mondays" page becomes blank. Create the capability so the posts are not deleted. This needs to be carefully thought about more though, because Anonymous posts in the "Your Mondays" page becomes a new user's post after they register for the first time.


- If a user is looking at a post in one area of the world, different than their GPS location, and then the user selects the header/logo the GPS will reset to around that user's location, but that post will still appear from half way around the world. This may confuse the user because it shows the user's location with balloons from around the user's location, and a pop-up post from half way around the world. However, this is consistent with the logic of having a post up on the Map page, and being able to scroll the map around still. So we need to evaluate if we want to adjust this logic or not.


- The Mapbox Map is sometimes larger than the display on the device (phone), which can confuse the user sometimes such as creating a situation where a user is viewing a balloon on a Map, but the user also sees the blue-Next button appearing when no other balloons are in view. When capable, map sizes should be customized to each device.



- When I make a new user a "suggested user" so they display on the "featured" newsfeed, their profile picture does not load when I go directly to the newsfeed and click "featured. It will load if I do a series of other actions first, such as click on their photo on the map page or their profile page, and THEN go to the newsfeed. See video here:


- The Profile About Us blurb has some inconsistencies. It allows users to type more into the block than what will appear. Maybe enable a second line to appear on the page. I believe this may have challenges or customization depending on the device being used and how much can display on each device screen. 

- After user A blocks User B, User B can still "follow" User A in the "Find Users" feature (and vice versa), which allows tagging and potential unwanted user engagement such as notifications of User B's posts. **


- Users who are banned can still login and make posts. 


- Tagging profiles with similar names: "Dom Totino, Dom" will make "Dom" unlinked/un-tagged. However, "Dom, Dom Totino" works just fine. "Fred HKS Friend, Fred Tarantino" works just fine also. However, "Fred HKS Friend, Fred" will make "Fred" unlinked/un-tagged. This has something to do with the second profile having similar initial characters as the first profile that was tagged, but the second profile not having additional characters after the space. **


- In the Profile > Edit section, after the user verifies their email address, the Profile > Edit section still appears as if the user has not verified their email address. Only after the user signs out and then back in again, will the Profile > edit section update notifying the user that their email address has been verified.


​- The profile photo upload allows movies to be selected as a profile picture. It appears to go through the upload process, but then it does not upload and no message appears. Either limit access to photos only, or have a pop-up message saying no video uploads for profile pictures.


- The blue-Next and blue-Previous buttons appear in hashtag searches when there is no more content to view. This happened recently after a user made a post, was taken to the Newsfeed page to view the post, then clicked on the distance feature in the post. The blue arrows appeared there. 


- There are times, when a user is on their Newsfeed page, then goes to the Notifications page and then clicks on a Monday-link that they are redirected to a zoomed out, or incorrect spot on the Map; as opposed to being redirected (and zoomed-in) straight to the correct Monday on the Map page.

- After a user posts a Monday in a particular area they are taken to the Newsfeed. From there if they click Map, sometimes the maximum number of balloons are not displaying in that particular area; only a subset of them are. A user has to zoom in or out a little bit and then more balloons will display. 

- While a user is viewing another user's profile, specifically that user's list of Mondays (Profile > Mondays), they tapped the "distance" feature and was taken the user's custom map (Profile > Map). Then if the user clicks the "Follow" button the Map zoom level adjusts (usually outwards). A similar zoom-out occurred after we used the "distance" feature and then said "Good Job" to a post.

- On the Newsfeed, if users click a specific Monday's "distance" icon they are taken to the Map with that balloon popped up. Then if a user clicks "say good job", it will say "good job" but the map zooms out randomly.

- If a user creates an account with an email address, and then deletes that account, and then re-create an account with the same email address, and then logs out, the user are unable to log back in again.

- After a user made an extra long (height) post, tagged 2 people, created a video, used the Location feature, and clicked "Post a Monday", a couple errors occurred: (1) When the user clicked "Newest", and then clicked the "distance" feature on the Newsfeed, it takes the user to the Map, which displays fine. But when the user returned to the Newsfeed Page, still under "Newest", it showed (a) the "unfollow" button cut in half, (b) the content at the bottom disappeared, and (c) the "# users said good job" merged with the profile photo, and (2) still under the "Newest" area in the Newsfeed, when the user goes to the Map Page, they see the blue Next button, which does not work.

- A user posted in a remote location on the map, and when the post loaded and the user saw the Newsfeed page, the user clicked the logo/header area and the Newsfeed glitched to show only the upper half of an older post

- There are times after a user posts a Monday, if the user clicks Map, it takes the user to the middle of Kansas.

- When posting multiple Mondays in a specific area, not all the posts will appear:

- When there are many Mondays tied to a specific hashtag, the search result from the Map does zoom out, but it does not perfectly center between all the posts that apply to that hashtag. 

​- If a user makes a hashtag post in a remote location, and then another post is made with the same hashtag immediately after right next to it, only the most recent hashtag will show up on the Newsfeed, and on the Map:

- A user made two Mondays as an Anonymous user, and then registered for the platform and had two Notifications that claimed the (a?) user said Good Job to those Mondays, but the user never said Good Job:

​- When a user zooms into a particular area on the map, balloons should populate. It does not populate for some specific posts:

- There is a bug that creates app crashes which has to deal with being several layers into different profiles; i.e. clicking on a tag inside a post, going into that person's profile, looking at their followers, clicking on a profile there, looking at who they are following, clicking on a profile, returning to the previous profile, going back and forth with different profile buttons, etc.


- No admin panel appears after the first admin login attempt. The admin user has to close and reopen the app for the admin panel to appear.

- The admin user does not have a way to unflag themselves : )

- Deleting a post deletes the post immediately on the Main Newsfeed and Main Map page, but it appears to remain while on the user profile page until the admin closes and reopens the app again.

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